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The Pitt Hopkins Music Sessions

The Pitt Hopkins Music Sessions

Join the first session on 18th September 2020! We proudly present Eljot Quent, The Mighty Mocambos and the Pitt Hopkins All Stars.


The Pitt Hopkins Music Sessions are a series of charity concerts. All musicians and technicians work with us voluntarily and 100% of your donations go to the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation in order to promote awareness of Pitt Hopkins Syndrome, and bring practical treatment into current medical practice as quickly as possible.

The first session will be held on 18 September 2020, the official Pitt Hopkins Awareness Day. We are determined that the Covid-19 restrictions won’t stop our first session from going ahead, but the concert will only be available on our YouTube channel this year.

Next year, we hope to be able to invite you in person to the ZIMTLOCATION in Hamburg, Germany. Plus, you will also be able to watch The Pitt Hopkins Music Sessions afterwards on our YouTube channel whenever you feel like it!

Please enjoy our fabulous concerts and support research with a donation – no matter the amount, every contribution counts: Donate

Moreover, get decked out in Pitt Hopkins gear! 100% of all apparel sales support Pitt Hopkins Syndrome research initiatives. Start shopping now!


Pitt Hopkins Syndrome (PTHS) is a rare genetic disorder affecting a specific gene in chromosome 18, called TCF4. PTHS is characterized by developmental delay, possible breathing problems of episodic hyperventilation and/or breath-holding while awake, recurrent seizures/epilepsy, gastrointestinal issues, lack of speech, and distinctive facial features. The developmental spectrum of the disorder can also include difficulties with anxiety and ADHD, and sensory disorders.

Even though the cause of PTHS is known, there are currently no pharmaceutical treatments available for this disorder. The Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation is committed to accelerating progress toward effective treatments and ultimately a cure for PTHS, by directly funding the most promising research.

100% of all funds donated to our Music Sessions go directly to the
Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation.
About Us

About Us

Who are we?

It all started when our second daughter Malou was born in 2019. Shortly after her birth, she was diagnosed with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder.

Malou’s diagnosis hit us hard and we realised how much we depend on doctors, treatments and therapies. Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment or medication for Pitt Hopkins Syndrome. Malou might never walk or talk. She might always suffer from gastrointestinal pain and epilepsy, among other things.

Thanks to some online research, we got to know the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded by parents of Pitt Hopkins children just like us. These parents are funding research in order to find treatments and even a cure for our little everyday heroes, one of them being Malou. We asked ourselves how we could support them. As we love music and attending concerts, we connected both: Our passion for music and our aim to help Malou and her fellows.

Wiebke and Philippe Schaumburg


Thank You!

This event would not be possible without the help of our familiy and friends. We want to say a big Thank You to Audrey, Björn, Christian, Daniel, Elke, Hendrik, Jan, Jens, Jessica, Katrin, Laura, Len, Lutz, Manu, Meike, Michael, Müwie, Norbert, Patrick D., Patrick S., Pitt Hopkins – support group for Germany / Austria / Switzerland, Rasmus, Susanne Walloschek, Timothy, Tine, Victor, Wendy.